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Growth Management Strategies team members have extensive planning experience, both in a consulting assignments and in corporate environments as part of senior management teams. We will work with you to determine what planning activities are needed for your organization to achieve your business objectives. GMS will then assist in facilitating the development and implementation of those plans. Some examples of the types of plans the GMS can help you develop are as follows:

Strategic Planning A plan that looks out three to five years, establishes future goals and defines your vision and mission.

Annual Business Planning/Budgeting A one-year operations/budgeting plan linking resources and actions to established goals.It is often the first year of a strategic business plan.

Departmental or Functional Planning A plan to achieve the portions of the strategic and business plans that have been assigned to specific functions or departments

Marketing and Sales Planning, A plan to achieve the sales and business development objectives of the business and strategic plans

Organizational Planning Human resources related plans to insure that the key competencies and personnel resources are in place that support the business and strategic plans These activities can also include:

  1. Organizational Diagnostics and Designs, Optimizing Organization Effectiveness
  2. Culture Audits, Culture Optimization and Alignment with Business Objectives
  3. Identification and Alignment of Critical Success Factors
  4. Team-based Environment Planning and Development

Career Planning A program to enable your key people to develop, grow with the organization and share in its success.

Succession or Continuity Planning. A plan to identify and develop back-ups for the key positions in the organization using either internal candidates or developing competency models to use to identify external sources

Resource Planning Facilitating discussions around what resources will be needed to successfully achieve your business objectives.

Merger & Acquisition Planning A plan to consolidate and unite two organizations and to address all the associated issues to insure success of the activity

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