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GMS has a diverse client base including growth companies and established businesses in high tech, manufacturing and financial services. Clients are located coast to coast, in Europe and in Asia. Here is a sampling:

Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • $1 billion, leading US generic drug company with over 3,500 employees.
  • Multi-billion dollar, top 10 internationally owned pharmaceutical company.
  • $100M medium-sized generic drug company with 350 employees.
  • $15M manufacturer of biotech appliances.
  • Start-up, international genetic engineering company.
We outsourced significant human resources activities to GMS. They understand that HR solutions must derive from our business strategy. They remain committed to our goals and time schedules, are consistently available as our needs change and work with us to support those goals."

Vice President, HR
Pharmaceutical Company

High Tech and Aerospace
  • $270M leading materials and environmental services supplier to semi-conductor industry with 1,000 employees.
  • Start-up advertising developer with 60 employees.
  • $60M software developer for supply-side of businesses with 400 employees.
  • $15M software developer for satellites with 100 employees.
  • Multi-billion leading international aerospace company.
"The GMS folks are experienced business people, much more that the typical human resources consultants. Our unique and specific business needs were quickly understood and they developed effective solutions that supported our goals."

Division President
Information Technology Company

Financial Services
  • Small, regional savings and loan bank
  • Full service regional commercial bank
  • $2B+ financial services and leasing company with several thousand employees
  • Leading insurance company for the nuclear utility industry
  • Large Midwestern commercial bank
"GMS was able to take a strategic view of our issues and find the best solutions for us. Then, they were hands-on and implemented needed programs on a timely basis. They are definitely not an ivory-tower type consulting firm that just writes reports."

Defense Engineering Design Company

  • $400M specialty metals connectors and wire manufacturer
  • 165-employee, small manufacturer of separators and related equipment.
  • $50M high tech manufacturer of packaging materials with over 100 employees.
  • $100 M manufacturer of building and construction products with 670 employees.
"After an audit of our HR function, GMS found we were not compliant with several major state regulations. They quickly implemented the policies and procedures we needed to manage our HR functions in an effective and legal manner."

Vice President
Manufacturing Company
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