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Executive Coaching

Develop disciplined action plans with metrics and timelines to monitor success.
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Isolation Relief
  • Accountability
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Develop Action Plan to Improve Results
Strategic Planning

Develop a long term plan for success and align your resources around the plan.
  • Develop Vision Statement
  • Generate Mission Statement
  • Establish Core Competencies
  • Create a SWOT Analysis
  • Form Gap Assessment
  • Develop Strategies
  • Monthly Monitoring of Deployment Action Plan
Succession Planning

Building the team to assist the business owner in their largest and most important business transaction.
  • Identify Business Core Competencies
  • Assess Business Owner and Successor's Capabilities
  • Determine Business Owner and Successor's Skill Set
  • Summarize Gap Assessment
  • Develop Recommendations and Options
Lean Transformation

Review business processes to reduce or eliminate non-value, added activities.
  • Establish a Steering Committee
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators
  • Lean Overview Education
  • Facilitate Value Stream Map
  • Implement "Kaizen Activities" (Continuous Improvement)
Executive Forum

Build a group who walks in your shoes and appreciates your role.
  • Educate Through Knowledge Acquisition
  • Enhance Decision Making Process
  • Establish Accountability to Peers in Network
  • Isolation Relief
Customized Training Programs

Developing training programs to meet your customer requirements.
  • Assessing Training Needs and Plan Development
  • Supervisory Training
  • Advanced Supervisory Training
  • High Performance Teaming
  • Visual Performance Management
  • Maintaining Customer Focus
  • Decision Making Through Consensus
  • Lean Training

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